Are you ready to relax, have fun, reconnect with yourself, and find the joy in motherhood again?
- Rebalance your nervous system
- Recalibrate with your authentic inner self
- Reignite your joy and passion for life
This is not your typical virtual event. These are active and restorative sessions to fuel your soul and nurture your human.
The recordings will instantly be available to you!
Our team of heart-centred humans includes…

Leslie Josel

Anita Lee-Chung

Rose Lounsbury

Kelly Biltz

Dona Matthews

Olive Hickmott

Stephanie Pinto

Carrie Brightwell

Sara Longoria

Brendan Mahan

Carolina Wikstrom

Elizabeth Elenor

Karen Tui Boyes

Misty Ann Cogdill

Amy Camie

Lorraine e Murray

Ekua N Walker

Lucinda Warner

Melanie Bloch

Melonie Kolton

Seth Perler

Sonali Vongchusiri

Janine Wirth

Julie Crenshaw

Andrea Baykir

Javon A Frazier

Katia N Miller Pagán

Nikole Mitchell

Veronica Hunter

Jennifer Kolari

Destini Ann Davis

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